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Meet our members: Irina

Meet our member, Irina, a happy mother of two. Irina joined Drumo in April 2021 and has been a very active member since then.

Me and my husband recently moved across the country to Florida from Seattle, and shortly after we had our second baby-boy (hoooooray). We already have our another son who is 2 years old. Being a mom is a very hard job and even a thought to go to work at the same time seems impossible. But still, I know how we need some income, any income at this difficult time of the pandemic. I remember how I was sitting and searching online. There are soooo many survey websites, but honestly, I dislike the system of points, redeemals with any restrictions, really low payments for a long- time surveys.
When I found Drumo I was amazed how easy we get along, it wasn't boring, it was, actually, fun. I can't say we became incredibly rich, but we have some extra bucks, easy and understandable platform, easy payouts and variety of surveys of different types and of different lengths.
I am absolutely satisfied and enjoy my experience with Drumo. Definitely recommend (10 on the scale) ;)

Irina, thank you so much for sharing your story and congrats on the birth of your baby!

We've just added $5 to your Drumo account, we really hope that Drumo will continue to help in multiple ways!


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Your Drumo Team

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