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Meet our members: Corey

Corey is from Tulare, CA and joined Drumo in February 2021. He ran across an ad on Google while looking for opportunities to work from home:

Hello all well to start my names Corey and I'm from California... I'm at home father of three boys and husband...I'm currently unemployed do to COVID 19 and being me I was sitting there about a week after getting let go from my 9-5 caused by the pandemic wondering how in the world

I'm a gonna get little more I come in my pocket to help provide for my sons.. so I started searching through Google ads about paid surveys since we're all on lock down so I figured hey might at well give it a shot.. So as I searched I ran across DRUMO ad was intrigued so I signed up did a couple surveys and after just a few I had racked up a quick 10 bucks at first and I didn't do anything but answer questions ...I was ecstatic over it yeah its a slow process at times but every so often you'll get a high paying survey that fits your interests and bank it quick ...
I'm living proof that this place is 100% real and payout is do your self a favor and if you catch yourself sitting there looking for something to do just pick the phone up login to drumo and fill out a survey or two here and there and get paid for it at the same time..THANKS DRUMO EVERY LUTTLE BIT HELPS AND YOU GUYS WERE THERE WHEN I NEEDEDNTHE HELP THE MOST... WHEN A DOLLAR AT THAT POINT IN TIME WAS ALOT OF MONEY APPRECIATE IT TRANEBDIUSLY..

Corey, thank you so much for sharing your story! We've just added $5 to your Drumo account, we really hope that it will help you out in these challenging times.


Tell us more about you and the way you use Drumo. How did you find out about it? How is it helping you achieve your goals? Any tips you’d like to share with other members?

Share your story to and include:

  1. Your name

  2. Your Drumo email

  3. Where you’re from.

  4. How you discovered Drumo

  5. Your story (tell us something about yourself, why you joined Drumo, any tips&tricks you’d like to share with our members - any feedback is welcome!)

  6. Photo (optional)

By sharing your story you agree to be featured in our blog and/or on our social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Drumo members who get their stories published will receive $5 added to their Drumo account balance and their referral links will be shared in the blog post for extra earning opportunities.

We can’t wait to see your stories.

Thank you for sharing!

Your Drumo Team

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