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It’s here! Daily bonus & Weekly Streak!

At Drumo, we appreciate loyalty and commitment - that's why we've introduced Daily Bonus & Weekly Streak rewards so that you can earn even more!

It’s really simple – see for yourself!

Daily Bonus:

There is a different Daily Goal available every day. Check the information contained in the pop-ups for the amount of cash you have to collect to meet the Daily Bonus requirements:

Each day runs between 7:00 pm EST and 4:00 pm PT.

Weekly Streak:

This special reward is credited to your account when you manage to consecutively earn the Daily Bonus every day of the week - 7 times in a row!

Remember that in order to apply to the Weekly Streak, you need to have an active account from the beginning to the end of a given week. If you have registered in the middle of the week or missed a day, you will need to wait until Monday to get started.

After completing the requirements of a given Bonus, the funds will be automatically added to your balance!

We keep our fingers crossed that you win as many bonuses as possible! 😊


Drumo Team

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