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Ever wondered how to make the most out of Drumo? We've gathered some tips & tricks based on our most successful members' experience:

1. Make it a routine

This is definitely the most important thing when it comes to earning on surveys. Some of our members schedule some time every day to check the available surveys and try to complete at least 1 survey a day. It may not seem a lot, but daily earnings really add up quickly!

2. Spread the word and earn 10% extra, for life.

This is one of the easiest ways to boost your earnings without much effort! Just copy and share your referral link with friends, family or within your online community and earn extra 10% of all your referred people's survey and offer earnings - for life, without any limits.

3. Boost your earnings with the Daily Bonus

At Drumo, we reward your daily commitment with extra cash. Check the Daily Bonus pop-ups for the amount of cash you have to collect to meet the Daily Goal. Once you hit that amount, the bonus will be automatically added to your account balance!

Want to earn more? Hit your Daily Goal for 7 days in a row to receive a bigger, 7-Day Streak Bonus

4. Keep earning from any device

Did you know that there are surveys & offers that are available only on mobile or only on desktop? 🤔 Just for an example, the Nielsen offer is available on desktop-only and pays as much as $7!

It's worth checking up on Drumo from any device you have - smartphone, tablet or PC.

Also, make sure to check out our Android App (iOS coming soon!) and keep earning on the go.

5. Have fun earning with our Offers!

Need more variety? Check out our hand-picked offers & offerwalls and earn money by playing games, discovering new apps & services.

Want to share your tips? Write us on Facebook or Instagram, the authors of the best tips will receive a bonus!

Ready to earn some cash? Let's go!

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You asked, we listened to your feedback.

Over the last few months, many members asked if we had any plans to develop a mobile app for Drumo to make earning money on-the-go easier and more convenient.

Today we're happy to present our new Android App (if you're an iOS fan - don't worry! Our team is currently working on an iOS app as well :)

Now you can earn cash rewards wherever you are - at home or on the go. Just download the Drumo app from the Play Store and keep earning wherever you are: at home, while commuting, having a break or watching TV - there're plenty of earning opportiunities that you can complete in just a few minutes - and even small daily earnings add up really quickly!

How to start?

1) Download the App from the Play Store: here's the link

2) Register or sign in to Drumo if you're already a member (please remember that we do not allow creating multiple accounts).

3) Start using Drumo app on your Android device and get paid for:

Taking paid online surveys

If you're a new member, you'll be asked to complete your profile survey so that we can find the best paid survey opportunities that fit your profile. Then, you'll be presented with a list of available surveys. You'll see the estimate length of earch survey as well as the payout.

This is definitely one of the best ways to make money online - some surveys pay even $10 per complete.

As always, you get your reward immediately after completing each survey and you can cash out immediately once you earn the minimum threshold (which is just $1).

Playing games and completing offers from one of our Offerwalls

No luck on surveys or you simply want to try something different? On Drumo there're plenty of offers to choose from which are offered by our Offerwall Partners: a variety of fun games, apps and services to try.

Apart from surveys, this is one of our member's favourite way to earn extra cash in a fast and fun way!

Completing our hand-picked offers

On Drumo we keep searching for top offers from our Trusted Partners - you'll find them in the 'Our hand-picked offers' section. The list is frequently updated so whenever we find a good opportunity to earn extra bucks, you'll find it here.

Please remember that some offers and surveys are available on mobile or desktop only so it's always recommended to check in on Drumo from all devices you have available

Inviting friends to Drumo

Earning extra money is always easier when you share it with friends! Just copy and share your referral link with friends, family or within your online community and earn extra 10% of all your referred people's survey and offer earnings - for life, without any limits.

4) Cash out your earnings via PayPal of Gift Cards

On Drumo you can cash out starting from as little as $1. Just connect your PayPal account to Drumo and place a withdrawal order. 98% of all withdrawals are processed in 24 hours or less!

Ready to go? Let's earn some cash today!

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At Drumo, we appreciate loyalty and commitment - that's why we've introduced Daily Bonus & Weekly Streak rewards so that you can earn even more!

It’s really simple – see for yourself!

Daily Bonus:

There is a different Daily Goal available every day. Check the information contained in the pop-ups for the amount of cash you have to collect to meet the Daily Bonus requirements:

Each day runs between 7:00 pm EST and 4:00 pm PT.

Weekly Streak:

This special reward is credited to your account when you manage to consecutively earn the Daily Bonus every day of the week - 7 times in a row!

Remember that in order to apply to the Weekly Streak, you need to have an active account from the beginning to the end of a given week. If you have registered in the middle of the week or missed a day, you will need to wait until Monday to get started.

After completing the requirements of a given Bonus, the funds will be automatically added to your balance!

We keep our fingers crossed that you win as many bonuses as possible! 😊


Drumo Team

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