At Drumo, your success is our success and we know how frustrating it can be to get disqualified from a survey or to get your account suspended. While nobody qualifies for 100% surveys they attempt, there are some things you can do to increase your quality score, qualify for more surveys (especially high-payout ones).

Every time you take a survey on Drumo you actually participate in market research and your opinion has real impact on brands, products and services in your country. That's why we need to ensure that we provide our Partners with top quality answers to the questions they may have.

Top reasons that may reduce your quality score are:

  • speeding through surveys

  • failing at attention-check questions

  • providing too short answers to open-end questions

  • giving inconsistent or unrelated answers

  • starting a lot of surveys at the same time

Let's explore these in more detail:

Go further by going slower

This is a common issue that may result in disqualification even though you’ve been answering all the questions truthfully. It’s normal that everyone would like to finish a survey and get their reward as fast as possible, but being too fast may result in frequent disqualifications especially if you’re answering much faster than the average time needed to take a given survey.

Pay attention to attention-check questions

Most survey providers have techniques to detect whether you’re really engaged and focused. You may be asked some questions that may sound a bit weird, eg. “What color is a carrot?” These questions are designed to check if you’re paying attention to your answers. Failing at these questions may indicate that you're not paying attention to the survey questions and there's a risk of having your account flagged for quality issues and permanently blocked.

Be careful in open-ended questions

In open-ended questions, always give comprehensive answers, even if you feel that a short answer may be enough. Even though you may not be disqualified immediately, your account risks being flagged as ‘low quality’ and your access to surveys (especially high-payout ones) may get limited.

Take your time, read the question carefully and give the best answer you can. It will take a bit longer but it really pays off. Never, ever give 1-word answers to open-end questions.

Being consistent is the key

You may be surprised to be asked the same question more than once - in most cases it's done on purpose - the survey provoder wants to check if you're focused and giving true ansers to each question.

Most surveys are designed in a way to spot inconsistent answers - failing this test will definitely decrease your quality score.

Don’t open all the available surveys at once

Opening all available surveys at once and trying to complete them one by one may cause more disqualifications because some surveys may no longer be available when you start fthem. Also, opening surveys in a short period of time may look like behaviour of a bot and result in blocking your account.

By improving your quality score, you'll succeed in more surveys and will get access to high-payout ones.

Is there any tip missing? Let us know!

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Finally, it's here!

We're happy to introduce our new iOS App.

Now you can take Drumo with you anywhere and earn cash rewards on the go.

Just download the Drumo app from the App Store and keep earning wherever you are: at home, while commuting, having a break or watching TV - there're plenty of earning opportiunities that you can complete in just a few minutes - and even small daily earnings add up really quickly!

How to start?

1) Download the App from the App Store: here's the link

2) Register or sign in to Drumo if you're already a member. You don't need to create a new account - all your earnings are available in the app.

3) Start using Drumo app on your iOS device and get paid for:

  • Taking paid online surveys

  • Playing games

  • Completing offers

  • Referring friends to Drumo

As always, you get your reward immediately after completing a survey (keep in mind that some offers may take up to 48 hours to credit). You can cash out immediately once you earn the minimum threshold (which is just $1).

Ready to start earning? Let's make some cash!

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Ever wondered how to make the most out of Drumo? We've gathered some tips & tricks based on our most successful members' experience:

1. Make it a routine

This is definitely the most important thing when it comes to earning on surveys. Some of our members schedule some time every day to check the available surveys and try to complete at least 1 survey a day. It may not seem a lot, but daily earnings really add up quickly!

2. Spread the word and earn 10% extra, for life.

This is one of the easiest ways to boost your earnings without much effort! Just copy and share your referral link with friends, family or within your online community and earn extra 10% of all your referred people's survey and offer earnings - for life, without any limits.

3. Boost your earnings with the Daily Bonus

At Drumo, we reward your daily commitment with extra cash. Check the Daily Bonus pop-ups for the amount of cash you have to collect to meet the Daily Goal. Once you hit that amount, the bonus will be automatically added to your account balance!

Want to earn more? Hit your Daily Goal for 7 days in a row to receive a bigger, 7-Day Streak Bonus

4. Keep earning from any device

Did you know that there are surveys & offers that are available only on mobile or only on desktop? 🤔 Just for an example, the Nielsen offer is available on desktop-only and pays as much as $7!

It's worth checking up on Drumo from any device you have - smartphone, tablet or PC.

Also, make sure to check out our Android App (iOS coming soon!) and keep earning on the go.

5. Have fun earning with our Offers!

Need more variety? Check out our hand-picked offers & offerwalls and earn money by playing games, discovering new apps & services.

Want to share your tips? Write us on Facebook or Instagram, the authors of the best tips will receive a bonus!

Ready to earn some cash? Let's go!

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